Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia oh Cambodia, I called this country as “One Dollar Country” oh why man? Because they prefer to use American Dollar for any kind of transactions expecially with tourists. All pricess are in USD.

Here some reasons why I called Cambodia as “One Dollar Country”:

When I was in Angkor Wat, some boys and girls offering me merchandise, such as post cards, keychains, magnets, and etc. It was funny when I said "No, thank you" and they said "Oh come on, its only $1, and I don't like NO!" oh oh!

The other one with Tuk Tuk Driver:

Tuk Tuk Driver: Hi Miss, tuk tuk to Angkor Wat just $15 per day
Me: No, thank you
Tuk Tuk Driver: Ok, no for today but yes for tomorrow?
Me: Simply I said, No  tuk tuk for today and no tuk tuk for tomorrow (It's written on one of a shirt when I saw in the night market earlier) hahaha

Another case "Laundry 1 kg = $1"

Me: Hi, I know your laundry is $1 for 1 kg, but my clothes are less than 1 kg, so how much it will cost?
Laundry man: How many clothes do you have Miss?
Me: 5pcs

He was thinking, and I was waiting, thought will be charged 50 cent, cos it less than 1 kg…

Laundry man: hmmm $1
Me: Whaaaaat??? Why u asked me how many pcs do I have if u still charge $1 for less than 1 kg?

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